Highlights of 2016 summit:

  • G-20 leaders have pledged to continue to work for a globally fair and modern international tax system, foster growth and refrain from competitive devaluation of currencies.
  • They will continue the work on addressing cross-border financial flows derived from illicit activities, including deliberate trade mis-invoicing, which hampers the mobilisation of domestic resources for development.
  • They vowed to go ahead on the ongoing co-operation on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS), exchange of tax information, tax capacity-building of developing countries and tax policies to promote growth and tax certainty.
  • They also vowed to use all policy tools to achieve the goal of strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth. T
  • hey agreed at the summit that refugees are a global issue and the burden must be shared.
  • They called for strengthening humanitarian assistance for refugees.
Possible dimensions:
  • Is G20 relevant in present global context?
  • Is G20 able to tackle present global issues? How?



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