FSSAI : Guidelines on Recall of Food Products

FSSAI :  Guidelines on Recall of Food Products
The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has set guidelines for process to recall food products from markets if found unsafe. The guidelines puts onus of implementing any recall on manufacturers and distributors. It has asked companies to put in place a proper plan to recall food products from markets, if found unsafe.
  • The purpose of such guidelines is to help food business operators to frame a proper recall plan and implement them when situation demands.
  • According to it, recall can be defined as action to remove food products from market at any stage of food chain, including that possessed by consumer, which may pose threat to public health or food that violate Food Safety Act.
  • Food recalls are appropriate method for removing or correcting marketed food products and their labelling that violate laws administered by regulatory authority.
  • Under the guidelines, FSSAI may review the license of concerned food company if the recall is related to serious health issues.
  • The recovered product must be stored in area which is separated from any other food product.
  • Accurate records must be kept of amount of recovered product and the batch codes of the product recovered.
  • Companies, which have produced unsafe products should take steps so that need for such recalls do not arise again in future.

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