Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy

  • It is a new concept given by Japan during Japan PM’s India Visit.
  • Aims to prepare Japan to deal with the fast changing global and regional order and threats from China and North Korea.
  • Strategy aims to create a “free and open” Asia-Pacific region which connects parts of eastern Africa, south Asia and southeast Asia with the western Pacific Ocean region and Japan.
  • The ‘Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy’ rests on “two oceans” — Indian and Pacific — and “two continents” — Africa and Asia.
  • Connectivity between Asia and Africa through a free and open Indo-Pacific, is expected to support stability and prosperity of the region.
  • Inference: by connecting “two oceans” and “two continents”, Japan is quietly challenging China’s aggressive plans in the South China Sea that pose a threat to the energy lane that sustains Japanese economy.



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