Female Foeticide

The Prime Minister denounced the practice of female foeticide, saying such discrimination reflects ―mental illness and displays a mindset ―worse than people in  the 18th century. Discuss comprehensively the reasons responsible for such mindset in our country? Give innovative solutions to tackle the issue, while mentioning the recent initiatives taken by government in this regard. (200 Words)

Ethos of a society develops over time; it requires the generation to generation imbibing to certain vices that they take such a cruel shape as is the problem of female foeticide in India.
Prime culprit is the “Indian Patriarchal” society which sees females as a financial burden and sons as the bread winner. Practices like dowry fuel this thinking. Suppression of female freedom in terms opportunities of learning, contribution to society are pruned which makes a vicious circle in which women feel hapless and stuck forever.
Societies in North-East India are in strict contrast where females are encouraged to fill in the shoes of males and enjoy ample freedom. So exposure to other societies and benefits they are reaping by empowering women will make people re-think about their perception towards females. Government should indulge more and more in the discourse, rather than over-policing morality of society, as these are perceived as an attack on cultural ethos, which make people close rather than opening up about such problems.
Parliament has enacted 2 major acts (PCPNDT & MTP) to counter this problem but implementation and awareness about these is a concern. Recently Govt. announced schemes like ―Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao‖, ” Sukanya Samridhi Yojna” and “Kanya Kosh” to fight against female foeticide and to economically support parents with girl child so to empower girls.



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