Failure of Two-State Solution for Israel-Palestine – UPSC GS2

Two-State Solution:
  • Many countries through the United Nations insist on a two-state solution to end the Israel-Palestine conflict.
  • The support for the two-state solution is based on the reasoning that once two states become a reality, Israel will stop severe violations of the Palestinian civil and human rights.
Why Two-State Solution might fail?
Palestinians fear that the Israelis would not be content and will try to occupy as much of its territory as possible as happened historically:
  • In 1948, the UN insisted that partition was the only solution for Palestine. Under the UN support, the new Jewish state took over nearly 80% of historical Palestine and ethnically cleansed almost a million Palestinians.
  • In 1967, Israel occupied the rest of historical Palestine, and in the process expelled another 300,000 Palestinians.
  • Israel imposed military rule in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to restrict people’s basic human and civil rights.
  • Israel passed a citizenship law in 2018. It was known as the nationality law to complete its strategy that included the partition of the West Bank, its Bantustanisation, and the siege of Gaza.
  • The law made sure that the Palestinian citizens become 2nd class citizens like the “Africans”, in a new Israeli Jewish apartheid state.
Way forward
  • The only alternative is to decolonise historical Palestine and build one single state for all its citizens all over the country.
  • It should be based on the dismantlement of colonialist institutions, fair redistribution of the country’s natural resources, compensation of the victims of the ethnic cleansing and allowing their repatriation.
  • This will be an inspiration for the rest of the region which desperately needs such models.

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