Examination – Why bad?

Education in India is an exam oriented approach where the examinee is compelled to compete with others rather than to compete with self. (Zakir Hussain report, 1904)

Even today the assessment is relevant as examination:
  1. Promotes Rat race :  rote learning; good marks is only objective not learning things
  2. Lacks Critical Analysis : No innovation required; More marks can be fetched if answer written as it is from book
  3. Doesn’t build persona of a child : No focus on personality development
  4. Poor Structure of examination : Focus on factual stuff
But, there are some positive aspects too:
  1. Ease the selection process : It is the cheapest and the most effective way for selection of candidate in the respective jobs
  2. Enhances the Mental pressure handling : Students learn how to handle pressure in worse conditions
  3. Enhances the performance – It is the fear of examination that force students to study and gain knowledge thus enhancing their academic performance
So, examinations have to change in their structure and quality to become relevant; That can be achieved through continuous comprehensive evaluation; by easing examination structure to make education more inclusive; by promoting sensible behaviours to handle pressure and to increase performance.



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