e-Governance : Limitation

E-governance uses IT technology to provide basic facilities to deliver government services. Its limitations are:

    1. Although India has ever increasing population using mobile internet but still it is below 2.5%.
    2. Overall internet users in India are 243 million only.
    3. Most of the governments are still using analog or paper work ,thus slow rate of modernization has limited the use of e governance.
    4. Most of government officials lack internet/computer literacy.
    5. No strong law and system to regulate internet, information on internet or data of users. Thus making whole system vulnerable to cyberattacks.
    6. Slow speed of internet.
    7. Low literacy in India especially in rural regions.
    8. Lack of information about e governance to people results in low usage of technology.
    9. Lack of inter connectivity of government departments result in confusion if more than one agency involved.
    10. High internet cost as telecommunication infrastructure is still evolving. India still uses 2G speed internet in age of 4G.
I have been benefited by e-governance initiative at many number of times especially online ticket booking, procuring certificates like DL, electricity bill etc. though some glitches like uncertainty of process and longer duration and involving multiple steps in single transaction reduces its efficiency. Some suggestions are:
    1. Improve technology in government offices along with proper training to officials.
    2. Sensitize people about e-governance
    3. Reduce cumbersome processes into smooth transactions.
    4. Internet governance to regulate internet and safe usage is required.
    5. Increase internet penetration with technology, increased speed, decrease rates.
Some government initiatives like Digital India scheme , connecting panchayats with optical fiber, end to end internet connectivity, e-seva etc. has improved e-governance but still more has to be done
Digital Illiteracy
Digital Divide
Reliable & Secure network –> build and retain trust
Multilingual Interface
Integrated IT functioning rather than only front end
Examine the limitations of some of the e-governance initiatives being implemented in India. Mention, if any,your own experience of being beneficiary or victim of such e-governance initiative and suggest measures to improve the same. (200 Words)



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