DISHA : Monitoring Schemes in Real Time

The Union Government has constituted the District Development Coordination and Monitoring Committee (DDCMC) or DISHA for effective development and coordination of Central Government’s programme.
What it will do?
  • The main purpose of the DISHA is to coordinate with Central and State and local Panchayat Governments
  • It has been created for effective coordination and development of Central Government’s programme for infrastructure development or Social and human resource development
  • The Chairperson of the committee will be the senior most Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) elected from the district, nominated by the Union Ministry of Rural Development
  • It will ensure the participation of people’s representative at all levels and successful implementation of flagship programme of central government.
  • Ensure that all Central Government programmes are implemented in accordance with the guidelines
  • Look into complaints and alleged irregularities received in the implementation of the programmes. In this regard it will have authority to summon and inspect any record - DISHA Monitoring Schemes in Real Time



Real Time Monitoring:
  • DISHA dashboard, the application, which is now available to all members of Parliament and State Assemblies as well district officials, allows the user to track the progress of multiple and diverse schemes in a certain district, block, or even a gram panchayat.
  • The application automatically turns sets of statistics and data into interactive and visually accessible graphics and maps.
  • Currently, 18 schemes are covered; the ultimate plan is to integrate all 42 Central schemes — representing a total outlay of ₹3 lakh crore — which are already monitored by DISHA or District Development Coordination and Monitoring Committees.
  • Several schemes have good Management Information Systems, but they don’t talk to each other. So, it is difficult for elected representatives and local planners to go through all the data and get a sense of what is happening in a particular place.
  • Currently, geographic mismatches make it difficult to unite data; for instance, while the Rural Development Ministry tracks its schemes by gram panchayat, the Health Ministry tracks it by anganwadis, which are mapped by population, while crime data uses different boundaries.
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