Delhi Power Tussle : SC ACB Verdict – UPSC GS2

Context: Union Government is introducing a bill to clearly define powers of Delhi Government and LG.
Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) Case:
  • In 2015 MHA released a notification which said that the Delhi government had no powers in services-related matters and the Anti-Corruption Branch could not register cases against any employee, officer or functionary of the Central government.
  • A clutch of petitions was filed in the Supreme Court against this notification.
  • In the February 14, 2019 verdict, the court upheld as “legal” the MHA’s notification:
    • authorising the L-G to exercise powers in relation to services,
    • directing the Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) police not to take cognisance of offences against Central government officials.
  • The apex court confirmed the Delhi High Court’s finding that the ACB’s jurisdiction is confined to Delhi officials and statutory bodies and does not extend to Central government officials.
  • The apex court is still examining the services matter.

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