Coup in Myanmar – UPSC GS2

Coup in Myanmar:
  • Military rule has returned to Myanmar after a coup.
  • Aung San Suu Kyi along with other political leaders have been detained by the Military.
  • Similar events had taken place in Myanmar 30 years ago which were strongly opposed by India.
Why is India’s reaction going to be different this time?
  • Close relationship with Myanmar Military:
    • Myanmar military assists India in securing the North East borders from insurgent groups.
    • India maintained relationship with both democratic government and military leadership.
  • The image of Ms. Suu Kyi as a democratic icon and Nobel peace laureate has been damaged. It is the result of her failure in stopping the Army’s pogrom against Rohingya. Moreover, she defended the Army’s action.
  • India has initiated numerous infrastructure and development projects with Myanmar. India sees this as the “Gateway to the East” and ASEAN countries. For example, the India- Myanmar-Thailand trilateral highway and the Kaladan multi-modal transit transport network.
  • India wants to resolve the issue of Rohingya refugees that fled to Bangladesh and some of them still live in India.
  • There was a public uproar in India, in 1990, to take a strong stand against Myanmar. This is not the case in the present scenario.

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