Communal Violence Bill

Salient features of Communal violence bill: (Introduced in 2005, not passed yet).

  1. Declaration of communally disturbed areas by states and if states fail to do it, then center will also have the power (So center’s interference in state areas like law and order and police).
  2. Fixing accountability of civil authorities and provision of punishment if they fail to analyse, tackle communal violence.
  3. Establish Unified Command (Civil +Armed forces) in highly disturbed areas. However depute Armed forces only on state’s request.
  4. Relief and rehabilitation of victims, create separate fund for their welfare.
  5. Shunting away trouble making elements from disturbed area. All such power will be vested in DM. So it will be parallel law along with IPC, CrPC.
  6. Special courts for speedy trial.
Prospects– Will be good for clamping and reducing religion related violence. Further speedy courts will ensure speedy justice.
  1. Centre state Relations: Law and order is state subject.
  2. Redundancies: Already IPC, CrPC deals with many of the provision incorporated in the bill.
  1. Amend IPC/CrPC instead of new law.
  2. Deal effectively with trouble makers, who propagate hate propaganda. (Political vision is needed for it).
  3. Pre-assess the tense atmosphere to prevent large scale conflict.
The Communal violence bill makes the local administration accountable for prevention and control of communal riots. Critically analyse the bill and also give suggestions to prevent communal riots in the country. (200 Words)



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