China – Superpower?

Do you think China’s ambition to become a global superpower is peaceful? Critically comment. (200 Words)

China is most populous nation, with second largest economy in world, and a reputation of “World’s Factory”.
Due to its wars of aggression, institutionalised torture, unaccountable assassination  programmes and general contempt for the rule of law, USA has today sacrificed whatever was once considered admirable about its role in international affairs. But, it cannot be the case for China.
China, despite existing as a unified country 4,000 years longer than the US, conspicuously does not have such a history of invading and subjugating the inhabitants of far-flung lands. Despite being one of the wealthiest and powerful countries on earth for most of its existence, China’s relationship with the outside world has traditionally been characterised more by Sino-centric inertia and peaceable exchange than by armed pillage and the export of violence to foreign lands.
China is culturally sensitive; Evidence suggests that China’s influence in Africa and Latin America has been built on the basis of mutual economic interest, though, Chinese polices are no less self-interested. China working within the emerging “BRICS” bloc of countries, it is capable of constraining unilateral US actions.
But, problem of relations with Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam could be seen that China is “strong abroad but fragile at home,” prompting her concern that internal developments could upset China’s peaceful rise and bring about unplanned wars in Asia.
It must also be noted that world is no longer unipolar, and to be Super-Power country must be economically, politically and diplomatically dominant. So, China can be stated as super power in terms of being World Factory, but in diplomacy and political ideology it lags far behind democratic nations of Asia, North America, and Europe.



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