BB Tandon Committee

  • A three member committee constituted to address the issues related to Content Regulation in Government Advertising.
  • The committee would be chaired by Shri B.B. Tandon, Former Chief Election Commissioner of India.


Hon’ble Supreme Court had directed to constitute the Body for ironing out the creases that are bound to show from time to time in implementation of the judgement of Apex Court on Content Regulation of Government Advertising.

Terms of Reference:

  • Will address complaints from the general public of violation on the implementation of the guidelines set out by Hon’ble Supreme Court.
  • Would also take suo motu cognizance of any violation / deviation of the guidelines of Hon’ble Supreme Court and recommend corrective action to the Ministry /Department.
  • The Committee may recommend suitable changes to the Supreme Court guidelines to deal with new circumstances and situations that may arise from time to time, without making major policy changes within the policy direction of Supreme Court.
  • The Committee is not bound by any legal rules of evidence and may follow such procedure that appears to it to be fair and proper for swift settlement of grievances. For all decisions of the Committee, the view of majority would prevail.



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