Attacks on African Nationals

Frequent attacks on African national in India has led to some tension in Indo-African relations leading to boycott of African Day celebrations

There has been incidents of mobbing, beating, and stripping of African residents in various cities across India, along with wildly exaggerated accusations of criminal activity, sometimes by state authorities themselves
  • Movement of people between India-Africa is on rise, such incidents can hamper this and can become a cause of concern for Indians in Africa
  • Africans in India are generally medical and education tourists, which will be impacted
Why is this happening?
  • Stereotype in Indians about Africans being immoral and lawless
  • Lack of sensitisation by government
What can be done?
  • Clear guidelines should be there to register complains of Africans and concrete action should be done on them
  • More active support from African embassies in protecting and sensitising Africans about Indian sentiments.



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