• Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) launched ASMITA.
  • ASMITA is acronym for All School Monitoring Individual Tracing Analysis and shall be launched under Shala Asmita Yojana (SAY).
Key facts
  • SAY aims to track the educational journey of school students from Class I to Class XII across the 15 lakhs private and government schools in the country.
  • ASMITA will be an online database which will carry information of student attendance and enrolment, learning outcomes, mid-day meal service and infrastructural facilities among others.
  • Students will be tracked through their Aadhaar numbers and incase those not having unique number will be provided with it.
What are the benefits?
  • Drop outs can be traced better now
  • Education outcomes can be better traced
  • Better policy decisions
  • Term ASMITA can be mentioned in your answers while writing anything about education.
  • Remote possibility that it may also be asked in prelims



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