Academic Governance

Academic governance in the country remains deeply vulnerable to the opinions of the ruling government. Do you agree with this opinion? If this is true, what measures need to be taken by both the academics and politicians to protect the autonomy of academic governance in the country? Critically examine. (200 Words)

Academic governance in educational institutions of India has increasingly seen political interference at behest of various matters which need not merit such actions. Though the Governor mostly retains the Chancellor post in universities but administration is controlled by vice-chancellor and directors. Though the act under which many institutions were established did not envisage any political interference but encroachment in name of welfare, greater good of the society, etc. are seen. Cases where such administrators resigned, took decisions or accepted clauses under duress and cases where close relatives of influential people landed up in top notch institutions are coming to light these days. The impact is negative in short and long run both as it continues to plague our educational system.
To prevent such situation policy measures required:
    1. Selection of vice-chancellor and directors of institutions of national importance to be made in a transparent process by a panel of experts
    2. Security of term and allowances granted to administrators of educational institutions.
    3. No outside interference in administrative matters of institutions. But to prevent concentration of power, board of governors should be established. Members of the board should be eminent scholars, industry leaders and /or alumni but not present members of political parties.
    4. Avoiding any outside political interference in university students‘ elections and enforcing Lyngdoh committee recommendations as far as possible.
    5. Fixed financial allocations to institutions which cannot be decreased except on strong grounds. This will minimize dependence on government.
    6. Administrators should be as far as possible chosen from the existing faculties.
Besides, moral restrain on academic people will prevent them from making any political remarks. However, government control in matters of fees, admission procedures and reservation in desirable. Regulations over private institutes are also required.



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