Urban Governance

In your opinion, how can our cities guarantee acceptable standards of public service delivery and good governance to 400 million Indians today and 800 million Indians by 2050? Analyse. (200 Words)

  1. The Municipal Corporations should be equipped with a high level body of experts in urban designing, environment safety and public governance to find optimal ways resource utilisation.
  2. Municipal bonds can be issued to generate more revenue along with PPPP infrastructure to build roads, traffic signals, parks.
  3. E-Governance to bring in accountability, transparency and efficiency. ICT enabled redressal mechanism.
  4. CCTV camera’s in all public transport system to ensure women safety and give impetus to public transport.
  5. Scientifically managed solid waste disposal mechanism and pollution boards to facilitate cleaner surroundings in growing awareness of susceptibility of cities to growing pollution levels
  6. Emphasis on service delivery mechanisms e.g. Citizen charters, Sevottam and promoting e-governance.
  7. Water and Sewage: This is a critical concept, ground water level in Indian Cities are depleting fast. In California, excess ground water usage have led to imminent desertification. Their Mayor have ordered water cuts by industry and people. India should take a lesson and save itself from this type of disaster.
  8. Disaster resistant infrastructure and establish proactive disaster management institutions.
  9. Better law and order management by providing ethics based training to the officers so that rights of vulnerable section of society can be protected. Use of community policing to build trust with public.
  10. Improving distribution and communication systems like PDS, metro and road connectivity.
  11. Providing unhindered access to electricity, water, gas and other utilities throughout the city limits.
  12. Land, spatial planning and urban design should include participation of all stakeholders including grass root institutions and civil society organisations.



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