Urban Agglomeration – UPSC GS1

What is Urban Agglomeration?
Urban Sprawls are physically contiguous areas to a city which has developed urban features but legally it is still notified as rural area. City, together with these urban sprawls is called an urban agglomeration.
How governing UA is difficult?
  • Haphazard construction makes it difficult to ensure building norms and lay civic infrastructure like sewers, service lanes etc.
  • Complying with notified land use policy is difficult. Agricultural land being used for commercial or residential purposes deprives the state of revenue.
  • Solid waste management and sanitation is a great challenge since the necessary municipal infrastructure is not in place. This, in turn, leads to public health challenges.
  • Administrative machinery is neither fully staffed not equipped to respond to such challenges as resources – human and otherwise – are deployed as per old demographics and take very long to catch up with the ground reality. For example police stations, hospitals etc. are far off.
  • Since these areas are under the influence of both rural and urban, and boundaries are not well defined, so it becomes difficult to determine who has the authority to govern where.
  • Law and Order problem: There is always ambiguity over an area whether it comes under Town police jurisdiction or Rural police. So there are cases when each of them deny their jurisdiction over an area and law and order situations are hampered.

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