Temperate Grassland – UPSC GS1

Why are Temperate Grasslands known as ―Granaries of the world? (100 words)

Temperate grasslands of the world are the major exporters (around 47%) of the cereals- wheat, barley, oats etc. to the European countries as well as throughout the world, thus known as “Granaries of the world.”
  1. It is located between 30 dg to 60 dg latitude in the inner part of the continents at both hemisphere and has moderate rainfall and short growing season, thus supports the growth of grass type plants with long root system.
  2. Temperate grasslands have soils that are nutrient-rich from the growth and decay of deep, many-branched grass roots. The rotted roots hold the soil together and provide a food source for living plants. The world’s most fertile soils underlie the eastern prairies of the U.S., the pampas of South America, and the steppes of Ukraine and Russia.
  3. Nomadic and pastoral people have been living there since ancient times, and support flourishing animal husbandry.
  4. Due to sparsely populated area and high fertile soil, agriculture has been highly mechanized for greater production.
  5. Practice of scientific methods to retain the soil fertility throughout the year for enriched production.
  6. Development of communication system paves the way for the international market where throughout the year demand remains high.



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