Superstitions – UPSC GS1

Critically analyse the causes and consequences of continuing practice of superstitions in India. (200 Words)

  • Lack of education makes people unaware about the scientific reasons behind happening of an event.
  • People believe that superstitions have ancient meanings, so they should adhere to these because wise forefathers have developed them.
  • Linking superstition with god which gives it unquestionable support to whom people fear to criticize.
  • Our society is fractured one divided on ethnic religious and caste lines. Superstition is a tool at the disposal of the dominant groups to obtain an acquiescence from the rest towards these very practices that establish their prominence in the society
  • Lack of economic opportunities and basic infrastructure – when people lack in capabilities required for their economic upliftment they fall back on baseless beliefs in the hope that it might provide them with some respite from their plight.
  • Lack of political will to eradicate blind faiths based on superstitions.
  • Prevalence of caste system
  • These leads to exploitation of people by sadhus, maulvis etc. and hinder social development.
  • Violence against women: Many women were sexually assaulted, raped and killed for the reason that they practice witch-hunt. Sati was practiced with the belief that women will live with the men in heaven.
  • They inactivate the reasoning capacity of human beings and arrest human endeavour and initiative.
  • People waste their energy, time and money in rituals and ceremonies decreasing economic productivity of the country
  • “Mental patients” is another segment most abused which are ill-treated as they are being considered under the effect of evil spirits and they remain deprived of proper treatment.
In short term, we need legislation that prevents witch hunting and protection to rationalist like Dhabolkar. In long term, promote education, rational thinking and scientific temper.
[not all kind of superstition are harmful as some psychologist suggest this is to calm yourself before a big event as in the case of athletes as it is their belief ]



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