Sufism – USPC GS1

Discuss the features of Sufism which makes it distinct from other sects of Islam. Considering ongoing conflicts in West Asia, do you think there is threat to Sufism and its followers? Critically examine.

Sufism is that distinctive school of Islam that believes in mysticism and core adherence to Koranic teachings. It emphasis on devotional nature of worship with spiritual connectivity between human and ‘Allah’ god is to be loved as ‘Mashook’. It preaches universal brotherhood, tolerance and mutual religious discussion with other sects in contract to other hardline factions of Islam that favor segregation and rigidity.
With growing ethnic crisis, basically Sunni-Shia divide, ill-conceived attempts of regional players as Saudi Arabia along with US to promote rebellious groups against political regime in countries such as Syria has facilitated fundamentalism with the consequent expansion of groups as IS. , Liberalist -humanist vision as envisaged by Sufism is being severely crushed in countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan. Their cultural themes and architecture is being attacked by hardliners.
Thus, in the light of such mis-happenings, Sufism seems to be in state of danger. Hence, there is need to prevent spread of fundamentalism by effective regional coordination involving key players as Iran, Saudi Arabia. Distorted interpretations of Islamist teachings need to be countered by moderates and liberals. Politics of secretrainism should not be allowed to give free hand to terrorist groups as IS which is involved in inhuman persecution of non-Sunni followers.



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