Role of religion in contemporary India – UPSC GS1

Religion is a bundle of moral and ethical values. Religion holds an importance place in the life of people. Rather secluding it, the right strategy is to inculcate it in a way so as to promote cohesiveness. It can play following roles:

    – Society
        – Cohesiveness: to promote social harmony and interdependence
        – Compassion and empathy: to promote distributive justice
        – Festivals: to merge social differences and making monolithic bloc of society
    – Political
        – Welfarism with the consent of all: Muslims are doing relatively poor on the development index
        – Tenets of different religions in Governing the society
    – International
        – Soft diplomacy: connecting the Indian diasporas
        – Tackling the menace of Terrorism
    – Economy
        – Buddhist Circuit
        – Religious Economic Centres: Vaishno Devi



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