Nehru’s Contribution – UPSC GS1

Discuss the contribution of Moti Lal Nehru to the constitution development. (150 Words)

Motilal Nehru was one of the most prominent leaders of India’s National Movement. A lawyer by profession, Nehru gave it up and became fully involved in India’s National Movement. He was an advocate of using constitutional means for gaining Independence and made seminal contributions to the development of Constitution.
He was the chairman of committee of All Parties Conference which prepared the famous “Nehru Report”. The Indian Constitution had its genesis in this report and is heavily influenced by it. Most of its recommendations like Bill of Rights, Constitutional division and separation of Powers, Ideas of Secularism and Unified electorate, federal form of Government etc. form the cardinal features of Indian Constitution and a number of them have been declared as basic features of constitution by the Supreme Court of India.
Formation of Swaraj party for constitutional work and keep political mood of people alive after termination of NCM. Nehru also demonstrated how legislatures could be innovatively used to enforce executing accountability through debates, discussions, questions etc. These practice have become a major essence of our parliamentary system. He advocated for woman empowerment
In this sense his contribution is immeasurable. So we can say that he was the pioneer of constitutional development in our country.



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