Globalisation Impact on Rural Society – UPSC GS1

Critically analyse the impact of globalisation on Indian villages and agrarian structures. (200 Words)

Globalization opened gates for “greater mobility and faster connectivity”. This new trend brought significant changes in rural and agrarian sectors.
Impact on rural areas
  1. Works and employment are being generated.
  2. Connectivity brought awareness regarding various issues. Modern values are being advocated now.
  3. Fuelling rural to urban migration. This in turn is increasing inward remittances.
  4. Bringing up the culture of nuclear families in rural areas.
  5. caste conscious in rural areas has been declining over past few years due to new economic opportunities. Thus social stratification is being impacted.
Impact on agrarian structures
  1. Aiding mechanization of agriculture due to improved productivity
  2. Reduction of disguised unemployment in agriculture sector by creating new opportunities in other sectors.
  3. Agricultural extension works are now spreading at faster paces due to new means in connectivity.
  4. Cropping patterns changed due to advent of Globalisation. Farmers shifted to more commercial crops thus leaving them under vagaries of market for getting food
  5. Globalisation created markets abroad. Thus increasing farmer’s choices
  6. More banks, so more formal credit facilities. Saving them from money lenders
  7. Village as a Self-sustaining unit is destroyed. (because of economic forces too)



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