Gopal Krishna Gokhale’s role in National Movement – UPSC GS1

Write a critical note on the contribution and legacy of Gopal Krishna Gokhale to India’s national movement. (200 Words)

2015 marks 150th Birth anniversary GK Gokhale, who had Guru- Shisya relationship with father of the Nation and was often pronounced as Ganges & Mahatma by Mahatma Gandhi Itself.
  • As moderates He Contributed and desired to change British rule through reason
  • Supported the Education , and in fact was first to ask for it
  • Served in Bombay legislative council and Imperial Legislative council
  • Tried to make relationship harmonious among ranks of congress .
  • Used tone simple in front of British for demands Unlike Sarcasm of Mehta
  • Supported Gandhi @ Africa, which indirectly Helped Gandhi to evolve strategy by staying there. Financial Help when arrived in India, Sabarmati ashram was also made
  • Asked for free press, social reforms, committed to free speech and constructive criticism.
  • Asked Gandhiji to tour India and gain wider mass connect
Despite Strife between Him and Tilak, He was respected equally by latter. However he was not able to conceive mass based politics and couldn’t rely on confidence of masses which was latter championed by Gandhiji. Before the advent of Freedom; He laid in his Bed of flowers.



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