Critically discuss the effects of deforestation on Indian economy. (200 Words)

Recent study which observed that Deforestation in Northern mid attitudes has caused a decreased of 1/5th of Monsoon in India ,though raised moderately rain in Southern Hemisphere and Australia and South Africa.
It is evident that Deforestation has the impact on the Indian economy , which still
largely depend on the Agriculture and Monsoon . Some of effects of Deforestation are:
  • Greater Pollution or carbon emission with no carbon capture increased the Health burden of the country
  • Greater amount of funds will be diverted for the climate change , resilient crops which otherwise could have helped in raising the incomes
  • Monsoon plays key role in Monetary policy of RBI thus tight and dear economy may harm the market sentiments Like after ELNINO ,ENSO
  • Deforestation caused increased land pressure as more tribal becomes share croppers thus increasing of lower strata in the economy
  • Deforestation and Encroachment to natural resources like Wetlands etc. also causes disasters like Deluge in Uttarakhand etc.
  • Forest, tress preserve and withhold the nutrients in the soil. Absence causes greater use of fertiliser, which is generally subsidised in India ~ 70k cr subsidy
  • Tourism and Aviation are also affected as, Eco tourism is affected , also Leads to job loss unemployment etc. As cited in recent AAI report
  • It also causes Change in rainfall, crop failure , pushing farmer s to migrate already stressed overburdened cities , thereby causing slums , poor hygiene crime, prostitution ,social inequalities etc.
In totality, depleting the Nature’s wealth also decreases the health of its Human and Economy.