Cultural Institutions – UPSC GS1

What purpose does Cultural Institutions serve?

  • Cultural Institutions serve the purpose of conservation of our heritage and its passing on to future generations along with its modern adaptations.
  • Cultural Institutions do serve the purpose of being repositories of a nation’s history, guide into the civilizational journey.
  • They serve an important tool of soft diplomacy, recreational avenues and learning portals for young minds and also provide crucial inputs for policy formulations
What are the factors which lead to poor conditions of these institutions?
  • The Head of these institutions is normally a generalist senior bureaucrat who has no special knowledge or work experience in the cultural domain of that institution
  • Budgetary allocation for upkeep, modernisation, digitalisation is hardly significant ,the case of museums in Indian is a glaring example
  • No proper policy or guidelines are formed to guide the working of these institutions. The case of Archaeological Survey of India digging for gold at the behest of epiphany of old sadhu pointed this.
  • Dilapidated structures, prone to hazards, like the fire in Nehru Museum in Delhi
  • Lack of coordination among traditional culture and new technologies as new generation have no idea of their old cultures
  • Lack of R&D and advanced technology and political will
  • Fully influenced with politics ( in case of CBFC)



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