Bharat Mata Paintings

Significance of Bharat Mata image in Swadeshi Movement:

It had become a common practice to represent a region as mother during Swadeshi movement and portraits of Bharat Mata become popular medium to create awareness and motivating people for national cause.
How the paintings of Bharat Mata has evolved over time?
Abanindranath Tagore depicted Bharat Mata as a saffron clad woman, dressed like a sadhvi, holding a book, sheaves of paddy, a piece of white cloth and a garland in her four hands. This image was depicted as Mata, which is respected and worshiped in Indian society, but this image was devoid of any religion component and more integral and non-sectarian in its ideology.
Subsequently, religious component increased in images of Bharat Mata. It became more materialistic with ornament and had the features of their Hindu Goddess like Durga, Parvati or Laxmi. with Indian flag in one hand among four and a mighty Lion.
In present times Bharat Mata has taken up the weapons in her hands like Maa Durga and, thus, has fully changed herself into the perfect Indian Leviathan.
What is the difference between old and new Bharat Mata?
  • Earlier Images of Bharat Mata served as an icon to create nationalist feeling in Indians during the freedom struggle but now images served as political tool to gain votes
  • Image of Bharat Mata earlier gave sense of belonging to people and motivated them to participate in freedom struggle but these days image of Bharat Mata is used to create communal feelings between different religions and instigate them to participate in communal wars
  • Bharat Mata images depicted earlier doesn’t possess any weapons as we find but has things in her hands that are needed for a decent civic life but now a days images are laden with weapons and jwellery like Maa Durga and, thus, has fully changed herself into the perfect Indian Leviathan – larger than the nation



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