Apartheid – UPSC GS1

Discuss India‘s contribution to the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. (200 Words)
India after independence vowed to oppose the colonialism and racialism in Asia and Africa. It also supported the movement in South Africa against apartheid.
  1. Gandhiji helped attract international attention to the issue of racism in South Africa long before UN began considering the matter.
  2. Just after creation of interim government in 1946, India complained in United Nations against the racial discrimination. Though Indians in South Africa too were oppressed, but India gave broader support including Africans. This helped in internalizing the issue and increase the moral pressure on South African government
  3. India also raised issue in Asia-African Bandung conference in 1955, it brought the support of other Asian and African nations against the racialism. Further in 1960, India with other newly independent African nations requested the Security Council discussion, so that the sanction imposition against the South Africa can be considered.
  4. India played an active role despite its weak economy after independence. It sacrificed  5 per cent of its trade exports to South Africa, where other nations‘ were unable to leave  less than 1 per cent trade. It shows India‘s commitment to fight against apartheid.
India‘s continued support and advocacy in international forums like UN, Non Aligned Movement and Commonwealth of Nations, helped in significant way to Nelson Mandel and his party, in eradicating this discrimination by 1994.

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