Rule of law


Rule of Law
  • When John Adams used the historic phrase, “a government of laws and not of men”, what was emphasised was that law and not whimsicality or caprice should govern the conduct and affairs of people.
  • Another basic tenet of rule of law as articulated by Thomas Fuller and adopted by the courts is “Be you ever so high the law is above you”. Therefore, no one, be he the prime minister, speaker, imam, archbishop, sankaracharya, judge or whoever, can claim immunity from the law.
  • The true foundation on which rule of law can rest is its willing acceptance by people so that it becomes part of their own way of life. Therefore, we should strive to instil the rule of law temperament and culture at home and in educational institutions. The aim should be that rule of law becomes the secular religion of all nations based on tolerance and mutual respect.



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