Quotes on Communal Harmony / Terrorism


  • Moko Kahan Dhundhe re Bande
Mein to tere pass main
Na Teerath mein, na moorat mein
Na ekant niwas mein
Na MANDIR mein, Na MASJID mein
Mein to tere pass mein bande
Mein to tere pass mein
मोको  कहाँ  ढूंढे  रे  बन्दे
मैं तो तेरे पास में
न तीर्थ में, न मूरत में
न एकांत निवास में
न मंदिर में, न मस्जिज़्ड में
न काबे कैलाश में
मैं तो तेरे पास में बन्दे
मैं तो तेरे पास में
Where do you search for me?
I am with you
Not in pilgrimage, nor in icons
Neither in solitude
Not in TEMPLES, nor in MOSQUES
Neither in KAABA, nor in KAILASH
I am with you O man
I am with you
This poem can be used to conclude or start your essay on communal harmony/terrorism
  • Terrorism is the tactic of demanding the impossible and demanding it at gunpoint
  • Fighting terrorism is like being a goalkeeper. You can make a 100 brilliant saves but the only shot that people remember is the one that gets past you



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