President on Educational Institutions

  • The President pointed out that “India was a world leader in the field of education when our universities like Nalanda and Takshshila were at the height of their glory. Nalanda and Takshshila are not mere geographical expressions but representations of the idea for free thought which flourished in these great universities of the past.
  • Our premier institutions of higher education are the vehicles on which India has to propel itself into a knowledge society.
  • These temples of learning must resound with intellectual exercises, free thinking and free exchanges and creativity and suggested that “universities must engage in reasoned discussion and debate rather than propagate a culture of unrest.”
  • He said “there must be space for legitimate criticism and dissent” in the country and “there should be no room in India for the intolerant Indian.”
  • He would not “consider a society or state to be civilised if its citizens’ behaviour towards women is uncivilised.” “Protection and safety of our women and children must be a nationwide priority. The acid test of any society is its attitude towards women and children. India should not fail this test,” he said.

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