Indian Values


What are some of the unique things about India?
  • India has a tradition that considers entire world as one and the earth as our mother.
  • India’s core civilizational values of diversity, tolerance and plurality have kept it united for centuries and that cannot be wasted
  • Indian civilisation had survived for 5,000 years chiefly because of its tolerance and by accepting dissent  and difference.
  • A large number of languages, 1,600 dialects and seven religions coexist in India.
  • We have a Constitution that accommodates all these values.
Example of how Indian society is different from West?
Why some advertisements in India display two cups on the package whereas in America they show one cup? The answer is that for many Indians drinking coffee is not an individual wake up activity, but an occasion to socialise with others.
Why Indians should strive for the best in all spheres of life and why they should have high values?
An Indian being born in oldest civilisation of world, more is expected of him. He is the torchbearer of the values enshrined in Vedas. Values like tolerance, brotherhood, respect for others/humans etc.
Strength of the idea of India:
We must, as proud Indians, have confidence in the idea of India and the values and principles enshrined in our Constitution. India has always been able to self-correct whenever such a need has arisen
(This statement can be used in all negative scenarios like Terrorism, Communalism, Poverty etc.)
Seva Parmo Dharma
Service, in our Indian ethos, is the ultimate duty
Satyamev Jayate
Ahimsa Parmo Dharma
Indians worship trees. See them as gods.



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