UPPSC Guidance Program 2021

Highlights of UPPSC Guidance Program 2021:

  • Daily Targets for planned and disciplined preparation
  • Special focus on facts as per requirement of PSC exam
  • Daily CA + Revision test of 12-15 MCQs as per PSC exam
  • Number of Tests : 200 tests for daily revision and practice
  • Includes IAS4Sure Notes via OneNote/Evernote (Check here)
  • Access to The MCQ Factory i.e thousands of topic wise arranged MCQs for revision (Check here)
  • One-to-one guidance by selected candidates
  • Constant monitoring/ feedback via whatsapp/ telegram
  • Duration 16 November 2020 to 31 May 2021
  • Fees : Rs 11,000 Rs 7999 or Rs 1500 per month

Contact 9897588852 via Whatsapp/ Telegram or email to [email protected] if you have any query.


What is UPPSC exam?

  • It is state PSC exam for state of Uttar Pradesh
  • Exam pattern for UPPSC changed recently and it is exactly similar to UPSC pattern making it easy for parallel preparation of both UPSC and UPPSC

What is UPPSC Guidance Program 2021?

  • UGP is an attempt to provide hand holding to UPPSC aspirants :
    • By providing daily targets along with crisp notes and revision tests
    • By providing One-to-One feedback for doubt clearance and motivation
    • By providing crisp notes for Mains for all topics

What is the objective of UGP 2021?

  • To ensure planned coverage of entire Prelims syllabus before 30th May 2021 with revision
  • To provide a detailed preparation schedule with daily targets to candidates preparing on their own
  • To test preparation level at regular intervals and rectify mistakes by providing One-on-One feedback

How will this course benefit students?

  • Program is designed by experts keeping in mind changing pattern and increased competition level of Prelims exam.
  • Program will provide candidates daily targets with sources, expected outcome and crisp notes (already trusted by 1000s)
  • Program will cover each and every topic of syllabus and all sources needed to clear the exam like all NCERTs, Standard books, Map based questionsIndia Year BookEconomic Survey, Current Affairs (Institutions, S&T, Schemes etc.)
  • Handouts will be provided with special focus on facts as required by UPPSC exam
  • Program includes 1000s of high quality MCQs arranged topic wise for better revision.
  • Program includes daily online tests for self evaluation

How is this course different from other Prelims Test Series Program?

  • It is not just a simple test series but a complete package to crack Prelims exam
  • It will provide detailed targets, daily tests, summarised notes, apart from a Test Series
  • It includes a discussion mechanism where you can get in touch with our experts directly and clear your doubts.
  • 1000s of high quality MCQs will be provided in The MCQ Factory. These MCQs are arranged topic-wise so that aspirants can check their preparation level in a particular topic.

Where test will be conducted and how feedback will be provided?

  • Test will be conducted on standard online test platform. You can check test.ias4sure.com
  • Detailed explanation of each question will be provided.
  • A detailed analysis of speed and time taken by the candidate will also be provided.
  • In addition to that relative performance of student with respect to other students will also be provided.
  • Feedback will also help students in analysing there performance over the period of test series.
  • Students can also clear their doubts in discussions via telegram.

Will there be discussion after tests?

  • Yes. Discussions will be held in a systematic manner via Telegram.
  • The focus will be to improve conceptual clarity and develop capability to reach the correct answer by best utilising one’s knowledge.

How Telegram discussions will take place?

  • Each student will be provided One-on-One Feedback by mentors.
  • Answer key along with explanation will be provided beforehand via online platform.
  • Doubts will be cleared in systematic and timely manner.
  • Students can also clear their doubts if there are any while following daily schedule.

Are the timings of the test flexible?

Yes, candidate can attempt the test based on their comfort.

What is The MCQ Factory?

  • TMF is a repository of high quality MCQs arranged topicwise. You can check list of all topics here.
  • It will help students check their preparation level of a particular topic.
  • High quality explanation is also provided which help in better understanding and revision.

Will any study material be provided in this program?

Yes. IAS4Sure Notes are trusted by 1000s of candidates. These notes will be provided as part of the program (Details here). Precise Value Add Notes will be given for relevant topics-Both Prelims and Mains (GS 1, GS 2, GS3, GS4). You can request for a demo by sending email to [email protected]

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