Social Justice Miscellaneous

Prison Reforms

Facts: In India there are around 1,400 prisons, ‘housing’ over 5 lakh prisoners.  According to the National Crime Records Bureau’s report for 2019 out of 4.5 lakh prisoners, 3.3 lakh are ‘under-trial prisoners’, i.e., investigation or trial is supposed to be ‘in progress’. Out of 3.3 lakh, about 2.2 lakh are either not likely to be even charge-sheeted, …

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Bonded Labour

Bonded Labour: It is a practice in which employers give high-interest loans to workers who work at low wages to pay off the debt. The Supreme Court of India has interpreted bonded labour as the payment of wages that are below the prevailing market wages and legal minimum wages. Bonded labour was historically associated with rural economies where peasants from economically disadvantaged communities …

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