ISIS in India – UPSC GS3

Many factors, encircle India, that are leading to growth of extremism in India India’s staggering inequality: According to a report, richest 10% of Indians are 370 times richer than 10% poorest. Justice delayed and Justice denied : Acquittal of accused in Laxmanpur Bathe massacre, Hashimpura incident erodes faith of vulnerable section of society from the …

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Communalism – UPSC GS3

Facts/Keywords/Quotes: Communalism can be dealt with only through humanism. – Let’s think about the person in real need. Let’s help him and have people like cross the communal barriers. Communal incidents have gone up by more than 30% in last couple of years. “Grassrootisation” of intense communal polarisation. What is Communalism: Lack of resources –> …

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