IAS4Sure PGP Daily Targets – Day 16

Day 16 Targets

(1). NCERT 11th – Indian Constitution at Work Chapter 5 and 6

  • Chapter 05: LEGISLATURE
  • Chapter 06: JUDICIARY

Since you have already read Legislature and Judiciary related chapters from Lakshmikant, while reading these chapters, try to recall what you have read earlier. If you find something new, highlight or note it down on margins.

(2). Lakshmikant Polity Chapter 38 and 39:

  • Chapter 38: Panchayat Raj
  • Chapter 39: Municipalities

Read various articles carefully. Focus on provisions like what type of taxes local bodies can collect, nature of elections, various bodies etc.

(3). Read any One Newspaper : Just read, don’t make notes. We will provide notes from today’s newspaper in your Onenote/ Evernote directly. Notes from today’s newspaper will be uploaded in night.

(4). Current Affairs : Read yesterday’s current update from your IAS4Sure notes in Onenote / Evernote

(5). Attempt Daily Revision Test here .Test will be available at 6:00 PM. You can attempt it anytime after that. Test contains 10 MCQs from above topics and 5 MCQs from yesterday’s current notes. 

You can ping your assigned mentors on whatsapp / telegram in case you have any doubts.

Contact 6397107065 via Whatsapp / Telegram or email to [email protected] if you have any query.

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