IAS4Sure Daily Targets for Prelims 2018 – Day 29

Day 29 : 14th August 2017

For Prelims

(1).  Contemporary India – I – Class IX – Chapter 4 to 6

  • This is the beginning of serious Geography related topics. Try to understand the locations and basic cause of various phenomenons. It will help you in understanding Geography in later classes. Geography otherwise will overburden you. And, you can not ignore Geography as it is a major subject both in Prelims and GS 1.

(2). Map of East and South-East Asia: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia etc.

  • Look for various Seas, passes, bays, islands in East Asia.
  • Location of important cities and their N-S, E-W orientation.

(3). Current of 12th August from IAS4Sure Website

(4). Read One Newspaper 

For Mains

  • Today you have to cover colonization and imperialism
    • Difference between two concepts
    • Why colonization happened?
    • Why some countries had advantage while others disadvantage?
    • Its consequences?
    • Differences between American and European Imperialism/Colonization

MCQs based on current and today’s targets will be posted in evening here 

You can download entire schedule here 

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