IAS4Sure Daily Targets for Prelims 2018 – Day 18

Day 18 : 3rd August 2017

For Prelims

(1). Our Pasts – III (Part – I) – Class VIII

(2). Map of South Asia: Bangladesh & Bay of Bengal

  • Focus on border areas with India. See location of cities.
  • See rivers like Teesta, Meghna, NE Rivers etc.
  • See major islands in Bay of Bengal

(3). Current of 2nd August from IAS4Sure Website

(4). Read One Newspaper 

For Mains

  • Now if you timeline of world history ready, start covering it event by event.
  • Today cover: Renaissance and Industrial revolution. Read them from Old NCERTs or from internet.
  • Try to find out answers to questions like:
    • What is Renaissance?
    • What were condition of Europe?
    • What was Feudal system prevailing at that time?
    • Role played by artists, thinkers etc in renaissance?
    • Role of science in it
    • How Industrial revolution started?
    • What were condition before and during industrial revolution?
    • Impacts etc.

MCQs based on current and today’s targets will be posted in evening here 

You can download entire schedule here 

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