International Relations Notes for Mains

Global Issues

International Institutes and Treaties


Foreign Policy


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22 thoughts on “International Relations Notes for Mains”

  1. Thank you very much sir!! I have no words to say but I am just amazed .. Thanks a lot from bottom of my heart… Can I share your notes among my friends??

  2. Harsha Annaram

    What a systematic way of presenting things…….sheer smartness.Thankyou….u make my job easy.?

    1. Thanks Saatakarni .. We are not going to stop .. infact we have just started 🙂 .. All we need is support from you guys in the form of comments and likes… and please do spread the word.. more the love we get.. greater will be our motivation to serve you guys .. Best of Luck!!

  3. I am new to the site and finding it very appealing.
    Can you guide me as to how to use it effectively,from pre point of view,thanks!

    1. @aspirant_007:disqus These notes mainly focus on mains. For prelims, we have started a news section. You can follow these notes. These are from April 2016 onwards so please refer other sources as well. But whatever we are covering is important in these notes. Also, we will provide notes like schemes, summits, organisations etc from prelims point of view in June. Other notes are for mains. Hope its clear. Best of Luck!

  4. Thxs just today came across u r website it’s awesome,,,, with mains around the corner Felling bad of not covering u r notes from August, missed golden opportunity,, wasted so much time in notes making

  5. You are doing great job….unlike essay….other ias4sure notes for gs paper1,2,3,4……are not available in orn photocopy center’s…..and when looked at your website …your notes are fragmented….so please compile it to one PDF for whole one paper hence it will give easy access to look whole paper at one place…and will become easy to photocopy….Thanks

  6. How to view these articles, as the momment you shows our server is having some problem & we are trying to fix it.

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