PGP 2018 – Mains Practice Questions – Week 5

Q.1) Despite the spread of education and awareness, in some parts of the country the practice of child marriage is rampant. Critically examine the social, cultural and economic reasons behind such practices. (200 Words)

Q.2) To what extent has the Consumer protection act succeeded in achieving its intended objective? Critically analyze the recently proposed amendments to strengthen the act. (200 Words)

Q.3) In absolute numbers, more people die in road crashes in India than anywhere else in the world. Critically examine why and suggest what policy measures should India follow to reduce deaths caused by road accidents. (200 Words)

Q.4) “India and China must address bilateral issues in a sustainable way, pursuing the BRICS spirit” Discuss.

Q.5) It is argued that the concept of marital rape is not suitable in the Indian context due to illiteracy, poverty, social customs, values, religious beliefs, and other factors. Do you agree with this view? Comment.

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