PGP 2018 – Mains Practice Questions – Week 3

Q.1 How has globalization affected terrorism? Critically examine.

Q.2 There has been a demand from certain states to impose the ‘Inner Line Permit’ System (ILPS). Why was the ILPS imposed in the first place and what is the reason for its growing demand? Will its imposition violate any constitutional provisions? Discuss.

Q.3 Post-independence India has witnessed many instances of extreme form of regionalism. Is regionalism a threat to national integrity? How can regional aspirations be addressed within the constitutional framework?

Q.4 The factors leading to the First World War were not only rooted in imperialism but also in past hostilities, ethnic troubles and internal social tensions. Examine

Q.5 “Neo ­colonialism is also the worst form of imperialism. For those who practise it, it means power without responsibility and for those who suffer from it, it means exploitation without redress.” Critically comment.

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