Mains2016 Review Program

We are getting lots of request to provide feedback on Mains answers like we are doing on Essays (here)

So, we have decided to start a Mains feedback program also. It will work as follows:

(1). Send us answers already written  by you. You can send us PDFs/pics of your test copies from other test series.

(2). We will review your answers. Focus of our review will be:

  • Your writing style
  • Structure of your answer
  • Not the content, but how well you have used the content you know

Rest assured that review will be very detailed and we will analyse each line written by you. We will try to provide constructive inputs about your writing style.

(3). We will email you the PDF with our comments included in it.

(4). If you have any doubt, we can arrange a short (max 30 min) call with you to clear your doubts.

Fees would be Rs 800 per 20 questions (1 Paper) (Pay here). Try to send answers from different subjects like IR, Economics, S&T, Geography etc. instead of sending all answers from same subject.

You can also subscribe for our mains notes here.

After payment, you can send us your answers with your payment details to [email protected].

Some of the essays that we reviewed are :

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