Let us know what you want us to cover in our notes


We are trying our best to help you out in your journey towards clearing Civil Services Exam. No matter how hard we try, we will miss something important in our notes. And we don’t want to do that. So, please help us in covering all things which you think are important for the exam.

All you need to is send an email to ias4sure+fzw6ukijhplfjac7flwn@boards.trello.com. For instance, if you want us to cover CoP 21 because you are not able to find its possible implications for India, then write email as follows :

Subject: Cover CoP 21

Body : Not able to find its possible implications for India

This will be added as a new task for us here https://trello.com/b/yn5wrxxj/ias4sure. And we will be at your service digging content for this topic.

You can comment or vote for other tasks given on above link. We will cover things which will be more in demand. To comment or vote you will require to singup on trello (will take 30 seconds max).

So, its a request, help us in helping you.

All the Best!!

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  1. If you could cover “governance issues” under GS-II with overlap from GS-IV. Issues like transparency, accountability, probity in pub ad. etc . Thanks in advance

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