IAS4Sure Essay Tips 29 May 2016

Quotes and catchy phrases. How and where to use them?

(1). Nature has enough for Man’s Need but not for Man’s Greed

This quote can be written in following contexts:

  • Environment related context
  • Essay related to education ( our education should teach these values)
  • Philosophical essays related to human values

(2). Gandhi Ji famously said, “There is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience. It supersedes all other courts.”

This quote can be written in following contexts:

  • Essay on Ethics and Human Values
  • Essay related to education ( our education should teach these values)
  • Essay on topics like corruption, immorality and other vices of human beings

(3). Noble Goals can be achieved only through Noble Means

This quote can be written in following contexts:

  • Essays on diplomacy and international relations
  • Essays on human values like honesty, integrity etc
  • While writing about various moral dilemma

(4). “Machinery has its place; it has come to stay. But it must not be allowed to displace necessary human labour”

This quote can be used in following contexts:

  • While writing on mechanisation, capitalism etc
  • While writing on topics like “Science : Boon or Bane”
  • While comparing “Modern Age/Humans” within historical contexts


(5). “Food for every mouth,

Work for every hand,

Spark in every eye and

Joy in every soul”

This can be used in following contexts:

  • You can conclude you essay with this on a positive note by saying that this is your vision for future or your vision for India
  • You can also use it in essay on education / human values / public service etc. by creating a context that motive of our education / public servant etc. should be to achieve this goal.


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7 thoughts on “IAS4Sure Essay Tips 29 May 2016”

      1. so gao bade bahut raat ho gayi ha…hahhaah shubh ratri aur please essay ke liye quotes quotations and one liners share karna please…u r really doing a great job for upsc aspirants..

  1. Hello @ias4sure

    I recently found out about your initiative. Specifically for essays, I would suggest+request if you could come up with a compilation of 40-50 odd quotes (mostly by Gandhi Ji , Vivekananda Ji and likewise personalities) , it would cut down the job of serious aspirant by a lot. Nonetheless, a great start. Best wishes.

    1. @CtoD:disqus you can find a small compilation by clicking the link in the post. Link won’t open in mobiles. Open it in desktop/laptop browser. We are providing context for these quotes one by one. Hope that’s helpful.

      1. That’s careless of me. Should have found out myself. It more than helps. I admire your efforts mainly because I too make my own notes in One Note and I know how much time it takes. Your call-to-action on the landing page was pitch perfect. More powers!

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