5 thoughts on “IAS4Sure Daily Notes 21 May 2016”

  1. you are indeed doing a commendable job
    a query do you (will you)remove data which is(will be) obsolete for upsc like issues asked in 2015 became irrelevant for 2016..

    1. @aspirant yes.. that’s the whole point of daily notes updation .. we daily read all sources.. and we update news for the day… however.. we do not remove whole issues altogether.. as UPSC last year asked questions on issues which were 2-3 year old.. like Khap issue.. we update datas ex. RR, RRR, Growth rates etc.. IR relations… Bills (white paper introduced, any changes,passed etc.) ..

      Hope its clear…

      1. thanks for the quick response
        and yeah it does help.. 🙂

        well a query again :
        since when(month)you start maintaining these notes ?as in your free notes section it says this initiative is from 1st may(what about the past months? as i am new to this )..
        and how much time it will take you to get over with upsc results(:P) since u are not posting upto your potential (:/)
        in your essay section section it says e-notes+ hardcopy(where are these ?)

        1. (1). IAS4Sure was a private group till 8th April. Before that we were making notes for our own studies. We have covered from Jan 2015 to Dec 2015 exhaustively. Jan 2016 – March 2016 intermittently. In April we decided to go public and thus we are covering more sources and covering more background as many first timers are also referring our notes. This “Daily Notes” section was added in May only. That’s why no updates from back date. You can think of any major issue in the period I mentioned and you will find notes inside IAS4Sure 🙂
          (2). Some of us are already over with our results :). We are trying our best. We can paste 100 things as many people do. And if we do that, we are no different from others. We know what is important for exams and that’s why we remove unnecessary stuff.
          (3). With a gap. As we have to study other sources apart from newspapers like forum discussions, aspirants answers written on different websites etc. which only happens with a lag of 1-2 day. But we cover them for sure.
          (4). Are you going to write Essay in Prelims 😛 ? We are typing them. It will take time and its not high priority now.
          (5). Only GS for now. We all are PA guys so at most we can provide PA notes. But a PA aspirant doesn’t need notes, it needs GOD’s help 😛

          Hope its clear.

          Best of Luck!!

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