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  • Trusted by >1000 aspirants.
  • Suggested by toppers.
  • Repository of all Current Based Notes you need for UPSC preparation.
  • Topic wise arranged notes for easy access.
  • Loaded with Facts and Examples for each topic.
  • Accessible via OneNote or Evernote which works in offline mode too.
  • Available on mobile also. Read same notes on move.
  • Fees:

Contact 9897588852 via Whatsapp/ Telegram or email to [email protected] if you have any query.

See this video to understand better:


What all sources are covered in “IAS4Sure Notes”?

  • Newspapers like The Hindu, Indian Express, Live Mint etc.
  • PIB
  • Government Websites
  • Monthly magazines
  • Yojana etc
  • NOTE: Static portion is not covered in these notes.

How to optimally utilize IAS4Sure notes?

  • IAS4Sure notes should become your personal Wikipedia. If you want to read about something, use search functionality of OneNote/EverNote and read 2-3 notes that pops-up related to that topic.
  • Use recent Notes functionality to keep a tab on latest changes in notes.
  • Try to use various facts, examples, case studies etc. given in notes. We try to provide a small footnote where to use them.

Do I need to read newspaper if I am a subscriber of IAS4Sure Notes?

IAS4Sure Notes will cover everything which comes up in newspaper, PIB etc. You can rely on it. But, still reading one good newspaper is advisable as it has many other benefits, like:

  • It brings broader understanding of a topic with multiple views/counter views
  • It improves your reading speed and analytical capability.
  • It improves your comprehension ability.
  • It inculcates mature writing style.

Is there any difference between Evernote and OneNote access?

No. Same notes are provided in both. Both are free softwares. Interface is different in both of them. So, you can choose according to your linking. We will share notes in both of them. Note: OneNote sometimes does not work in Pirated windows. So, please ensure that it is working before making payment.

I am not aware of Evernote/OneNote, what should I do?

Don’t Worry. We will help you out. Both these are free software and are widely used by UPSC aspirants. You can download them from here:

After, they are installed, create an account in them. You can use your gmail id to open account.

How can I subscribe to “IAS4Sure Notes”?

Please provide us your ONENOTE / EVERNOTE id after payment. If any doubt, ping us at number given below.

Note: These notes would be READ ONLY. You will not be able to edit these notes. However, you can copy them or covert them into PDF from OneNote. (It is a cloud based system and edit by one will sync to all. Since we have many subscribers, edit by all will lead to chaos as everyone would like to add his/her notes.)

If you have any queries than you can contact us at 09897588852 (whatsapp/telegram only).

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