GS 3 Notes

These notes does not cover basics. Notes are prepared from various online sources/newspapers/magazines and mostly focus on current issues. However, we try to cover some basic about the topic which is in news.

With these notes, we were able to answer most of the questions in 2015. Our scores varied from score ~95 to 105 in 2015.

How would they help you:

  1. No issue which is in news will be left. We cover all news exhaustively. And UPSC mostly asks questions on issues which are in news. So, most of the questions will come from these notes only.
  2. We suggest examples/case studies which you can use in your answers. This is the key to high scores.

For covering basics, we have listed optimal sources on each topics page.

Disaster Management


Environment Biodiversity


Science and Technology

You can also access entire GS3 notes at one place All Notes

Disclaimer: These notes will not open correctly on mobile. You need to subscribe to access them in mobiles and in offline mode.

Please comment below:

  1. If you want us to cover some specific topic
  2. If you find some factual/conceptual mistake in our notes
  3. If you like our notes. That will encourage us to do more.
  4. If you don’t like our notes, then let us know why. That will help us to rectify the issue.

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  1. Sir, Your notes are superb.
    They are really very helpful.
    I request you to provide guidance for upcoming MAINS 17.

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