GS 1 Notes

These notes does not cover basics. Notes are prepared from various online sources/newspapers/magazines and mostly focus on current issues. However, we try to cover some basic about the topic which is in news.

With these notes, we were able to score 90+ in 2015.

How would they help you:

  1. No issue which is in news will be left. We cover all news exhaustively. And UPSC mostly asks questions on issues which are in news. So, most of the questions will come from these notes only.
  2. We suggest examples/case studies which you can use in your answers. This is the key to high scores.

For covering basics, we have listed optimal sources on each topics page.


Indian Culture

Modern Indian History


World History

You can also access entire GS1 notes at one place All Notes

Disclaimer: These notes will not open correctly on mobile. You need to subscribe to access them in mobiles and in offline mode.

Please comment below:

  1. If you want us to cover some specific topic
  2. If you find some factual/conceptual mistake in our notes
  3. If you like our notes. That will encourage us to do more.
  4. If you don’t like our notes, then let us know why. That will help us to rectify the issue.

32 thoughts on “GS 1 Notes”

    1. You need to download onenote app on your phone. After that you can open our notes inside that. Let us know if you have any issue. Best of Luck!!

        1. @venkatesh Notes are there in 3rd tab. We push mostly prelims specific articles in the app. All our notes are available via onenote app but you need to subscribe to be able to download all our notes. However, prelims specific news you can get for free in IAS4Sure app.

          1. Can you please contact at 9897588852? We will need to activate your account. Than you will get notes. It takes upto 24 hours. Please contact on the given number.

  1. Hi @IAS4sure:disqus..visited this site for 1st tym..U guys have done amazing job…Hats off to ur entire team!
    I want to subcribe your notes, however have some queries before that
    1. Am i allow to print those in hard copy..I don’t really like reading on e-devices+ eye no. has increased too after starting UPSC prep 🙂
    2. R u guys also covering Insights Secure daily questions and its related answers? If yes, from which date? (I m appearing for 2016)
    3.If I follow ur notes religiously, then can I b assure tht i dont need to follow other websites for UPSC main question prep?

    I follow method :1 as stated in one of ur link..spend daily 3-4 hours …hardly get tym to revise and past 15 stopeed completely due to prelim exam prep..Found ur notes too organised and friendly. Keep it up dear team. God bless u guys:)

    1. @disqus_Yq5KVY7XSL:disqus Thanks and its our pleasure that you like our notes. To answer your queries.

      (1). Yes, you can print all our notes
      (2). Yes, we cover Insights secure. Its a great source. However, we don’t copy paste entire answers as that would be just too much in the end to revise. We pick what we feel is important and nicely written. We spend a lot of time there and pick good points from aspirant answers. We are covering exhaustively from 1 April. There are some 2015 notes also there (We did this exercise last year from 1 Jan till 1 15 Dec for ourselves). We are reformatting them. Before mains you will have important topics from 2015, all topics from 1 April till mains and we will also try to cover important things from 1st Jan’16 till 31 Mar’ 2016
      (3). I am not sure how much you browse/read other sources. I can only tell what we do and you can decide for yourself. We track The Hindu, IE, PIB and make a list of notes. We also cover some website which provide good notes from prelims Point of view. So that in the end we have a basic coverage of the day. For next 2 days, we cover some more websites like insights to know what we have missed and we add that too in that days notes itself. So basically we are not going to miss anything :). Having said that, you should still be reading one newspaper without preparing any notes. Newspaper gives more better understanding. No notes can replace newspaper. But, yes, you will save time of notes making

      Hope it helps.

      All the best!!

  2. Prakruthi Ram

    omg where were you all these days
    this is so good
    thank you so much

    i use one note is there any way so that i can share ur notes to my account ?

    Thanks once again, ur doing a great job

          1. Prakruthi Ram

            i have another question
            can i edit the notes you sent with my additional information , images
            is it possible ?

          2. No, you can not edit. There are more than hundred student who have access to these notes. Editing by all will lead to a chaos. However you can copy and print our notes.

  3. Manisha Singh

    Really you people have made this exam look like a cakewalk !!! All the best and plz plz plz strive to update it on regular basis 🙂

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