Governance Notes for Mains

Aspects of Governance

Citizen Charter

Transparency and Accountability


Role of Civil Services

Civil Society


Bills / Acts

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6 thoughts on “Governance Notes for Mains”

    1. The NeGP which has been approved by the Union Government comprises of 27 Mission Mode Projects and 10 components.

    2. @saiyyan_123:disqus As @disqus_p9RomUQcIF:disqus Pal rightly said .. at the time of launch NeGP had 27 missions… Government keeps on adding new programs … NeGP is basically an umbrella initiative which covers all mission mode programs related to Deity … However, Thanks a lot for mentioning it.. we will add a new line to notes .. happy reading and best of luck!!

  1. Great work u all doing fr aspirant like us no word t express lllll plz cover these topics as soon as possible – RTI, Anti corruption, Transparency & Accountability, Reforms( Administrative, Judicial, Political etc ), Social Audit, Public sector management, Regulatory Framework, PPP !!!!!! Thnku you !!!!!

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